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Studio D'Artisan manager Yuji Tamanaha chats about SDA's 40 years of denim innovation.

kojima weaving mills

Hisao & Katsu Manabe of Japan Blue/Momotaro have just opened their weaving mill to the public. Check it out!

mikiharu tsujita

Killer session with Full Count's Osaka 5 legend, Miki Tsujita.

Hajime Inoue

In Kojima, diving in deep with TCB's founder, Hajime Inoue.

Kenichi iwaya

Epic session with man behind Pure Blue Japan's slubby goodness: Kenichi Iwaya.

Hisao & Katsu Manabe , Pt.2

Sitting down for a chat with the father-and-son duo behind Momotaro and Japan Blue.

Hisao & Katsu Manabe, Pt. 1

Sitting down for a chat with the father-and-son duo behind Momotaro and Japan Blue.

giles padmore

I sit down with Giles Padmore, the man in charge of Iron Heart outside Japan.

toru nogami

A long and laid back conversation with the founder of Samurai Jeans

Shinichi haraki

Casual Q&A with the freeriding Iron Heart boss.

japanese denim brands


Made from Zimbabwe cotton, Momotaro's regal denim starts in their very own weaving mill.


Japanese to the core, Samurai Jeans keeps it cool as the warrior's blade.

iron heart

What makes Iron Heart some of the most badass jeans on the planet? Let's find out.

full count

One of the original Osaka 5, Full Count keeps knockin 'em down for the count. Check it.

the flat head

Based out of Nagano, Rockabilly and Hot Rod inspired Flat Head leave no detail unattended.

pure blue japan

Slubby fabrics and gorgeous natural indigo dyes keep PBJ fans coming back for more.

the strike gold

You ready to strike gold? You may have found your jeans..


Shrouded in mystery, Oni denim is some of the slubbiest stuff available.

studio d'artisan

A stalwart of the Japanese denim world, Studio D'Artisan was the original member of the Osaka 5.


Denim distressed beyond reason, to call Kapital creative and different would be an understatement.

japan blue jeans

The more affordable brother to Momotaro, Japan Blue Jeans manages to maintain the same high quality while remaining a bit more wallet friendly.


The name may be lesser known than some of the others, but the pedigree at Resolute runs deep.

kamikaze attack

Rebels with causes, the crew at Kamikaze Attack may shun the rules, but they produce some mighty fine jeans while doing so.

big john

Making the first Japanese jeans in 1965 and the first Japanese denim in 1972, Big John is steeped in history.

kojima genes

Quality and affordability are key concerns for Kojima Genes. And as they say, "Good genes make good jeans!"


Born from an early love of Americana, cats, and Levis, TCB produces stunning vintage styles, from start to finish in Kojima.


Combining high-tech processes with traditional fabrics, Eternal are masters of jeans distressing techniques.

milestone basement

New brand with a minimalist aesthetic. Setting milestones with a philosophy of 'less is more'.

stevenson overall co.

As founders Atsu Tagaya and Zip Stevenson say, "nostalgic but new, modern and universal."


No one knows exactly who they are, but they make some of the neppiest, hairiest, slubbiest denim available.

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