The Strike Gold

Headed by Toru Haramoto, The Strike Gold is another Okayama-based maker of exceptional jeans. Known for their irregularly-textured fabrics and incredible fades, The Strike Gold’s raw jeans can be a bit of a mission for the first couple wears due to the extreme stiffness and roughness of the unsanforized fabric. With a bit of patience and profanity however, the initial discomfort will be rewarded with an incredible looking and fitting pair of jeans. Like many other Japanese denim brands, The Strike Gold takes cues from old time Americana, from turn-of-the-century cowboy and work wear to the vintage styles of the 1950s. The Strike Gold has also struck upon Zimbabwean cotton which they use to great effect in recreating the look and feel of the denim of yesteryear.

Haramoto and crew are apologetic about the initial stubbornness of their products, but assure us that by starting off in such a raw state your jeans will become a testament to the lifestyle you lead, the fades and abrasions coming out at points unique only to you: ‘If ten people bought the exact same item, with time and wear they are going to become ten different items.’