Kamikaze Attack

Like the sign outside their shop says, Kamikaze Attack makes “mad quality clothing”. Based in Kojima, Okayama, Kamikaze Attack began in 1995 when the current owner opened a clothing-slash-tattoo shop to cater to the local down-and-outer crowd. Not satisfied with the jeans he way seeing on the market, Kanazawa-san did the only thing he could do – he started making his own jeans.

From the crazy zig-zagged back pocket arcuates to the back patches that often feature such wondrous things as naked ladies and missles, Kamikaze Attack shuns the rules and does things just the way they want. Not ones for half measures, their motto is, humbly, “Project to Conquer the World!” It’s not all madness however, as their jeans are actually beautifully simple, constructed mostly of midweight denims. Price-wise they are often a notch below some of the bigger name competitors so if you are in for something extremely unique yet don’t want to sacrifice on quality, Kamikaze Attack is worth a look.