Japan Blue Jeans

Along with Momotaro, Rampuya, and Collect Mills, Japan Blue Jeans is owned by the Japan Blue group. To see Japan Blue as just a ‘cheap Momotaro’ however would be missing the point entirely – Japan Blue Jeans is intended for the market outside of Japan while Momotaro is geared towards the Japanese market. Of course in reality things don’t work out quite that neatly as many Japanese wear and love Japan Blue Jeans, just as Momotaro is popular outside of Japan.

Japan Blue’s focus is really on the fabric, and they have the advantage of being able to use their own mills, all fabric being woven on vintage Toyoda shuttle looms. Unlike Momotaro, which offers jeans made only with Zimbabwean cotton, Japan Blue Jeans offer a range of cottons for your jeans-wearing enjoyment: Texas, Ivory Coast, Australia, Zimbabwe, and more. Compared to Momotaro, Japan Blue Jeans also offers cuts that might be considered more modern, and in a huge range of denim weights. The hardware and detailing aren’t quite at the level of its big brother Momotaro, but not all customers are going to demand (or even notice) those elements in their jeans, making Japan Blue Jeans one of the best deals out there. Many denimheads get their start with Japan Blue Jeans as they offer a great selection of genuine selvedge denim jeans at comparatively low prices when compared to many of the other popular Japanese denim brands.