Milestone Basement

Looking to ‘redefine the true value of jeans’, Milestone Basement combines traditional techniques with modern interpretation and minimalist design. An example of this subdued design sense would be their choice of using a white selvedge line, something not normally seen in the denim industry. All of their denim being woven in Ibara, Okayama, they prefer to use pre-shrunk and once-washed denim, believing that comfort and retention of the original silhouette are of utmost importance. The denim itself is 12.5oz, Milestone Basement believing they have arrived at the perfect combination of comfort and durability at this weight. Substantial, yet flexible.

The produce lineup is also minimalist – three items in total. Their traditional cut jeans are called OUDON, their sharper tapered cut KISOBA, and a modern take on the traditional jean jacket known as TEMPURA. Their denim is finely sewn together using delicate single stitching and nicely rounded off with custom gun-metal gray hardware. Made as daily ‘work’ wear, Milestone Basement denim is not a luxury item, but rather finely crafted clothing for every day life.

While the “Basement” part of the name might appear inscrutable at first glance, it makes perfect sense when the owner explains that this basement is not a dark and musty place, hidden away from the real world, but rather a place of creation. An underground laboratory in which milestones in denim are born.