TCB founder Hajime Inoue has a deep love for mid-twentieth century Americana and worked in the garment industry from his teens before finally creating his own company in 2008. Located in the denim mecca of Kojima, Okayama, Inoue-san works his craft, making some of the best vintage reproductions in the world, of course only using antique looms and sewing machines.

Inoue-san chose the name TCB to have a double meaning, one being “Taking Care of Business”, or doing one’s best, and also “Two Cats Brand”, Inoue-san being a huge cat fan (cats can be found on TCB’s back patches). Like many others, Inoue-san stumbled up on Zimbabwean cotton and stayed there, citing its similarity to the cotton used in 1940s and 1950s Levis. If you’re ever in Kojima, head in to TCB and have a chat – Inoue-san is famously friendly and enjoys chatting with customers about, you guessed it – jeans.